Himanshu Joshi

Musician, Filmographer, Poet, Writer, Photographer

Indian Ocean

Himanshu Joshi’s voice is part of the unique sound of one of India’s most well-known bands


Himanshu Joshi has extensively researched the Kumaoni Ramlila, tirelessly studying & documenting this unique art form


For Himanshu poetry is one of the key creative tools that helps him express as well as analyze his life experiences


Himanshu's camera travels everywhere with him, composing frames, capturing moments
For Himanshu Joshi, music is lifeblood. He grew up in a family which had music, art and literature a plenty. It was only natural that he would grow up to be a musician, composer, writer, poet, filmographer, photographer - effortlessly expressing himself through different creative forms.
Himanshu has been contributing to the unique sound of Indian Ocean, one of India's most popular bands, since October 2009. A strong grounding in Indian classical music helped him seamlessly blend with the band.
OpeRama, formed by the words 'Opera' and 'Rama', is the name given by Himanshu to his extensive research and documentation of the Kumaoni Ramlila. According to Himanshu, it was about time someone wrote it all down - from complex Ragas to the delicate poetry.
An alumnus of MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, Himanshu started a film production company MIME, more than two decades ago with Kapil Batra, his comrade in arms. Now called Mime TV Pvt. Ltd., the company produces corporate films, chat shows, game shows, news & current affairs programs and documentaries.
Kandisa by Indian Ocean on MTV Unplugged
Bandeh by Indian Ocean on MTV Unplugged